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dirty dan.

and he drinks cheese coffee!

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31 October
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HI. This is the personal journal of me.

I discovered Arashi fandom (and LJ) in 2007. Much lurking and many hate memes later, I decided I should show my face, lol.

Some information, because you've read this far and I don't want to waste your time. :D

Arashi is my drug of choice, but I tend to dabble in everything. Currently addicted to making icons. <3

There are about three types of bones in my body (besides the obvious ones). The creative ones are the biggest, the artistic ones kind of hide in my toes and the rest are funny bones for laughing, not causing laughter.

Disney princesses, yes.

I download anything and everything sporadically and often without prior judgment. I think it's the free, online equivalent of being a shopaholic. Help.

Spongebob > everything.

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