best conversation ever.

boyfriend: so. did you get your dvd yet?
me: why ._.
boyfriend: just curious.
me: k.
boyfriend: did you?
me: no.
boyfriend: oh.
more conversation happens then
boyfriend: so.
me: >___>
boyfriend: when is it getting here?
me: lolol you love them 8D
boyfriend: no they are just interesting to watch sometimes
me: right.
boyfriend: i watch dvds of concerts all the time not just them.
me: lol teasing forever
teasing happens and also arashi no shukudai kun yay weekend


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JE Squickfic - A Dark Fan Fiction Exchange

Totally signing up for this year's round. Plus, reveals on my birthday? Best Halloween ever, lol.

Before I peace out again, I want to ask a question.


I want to hear your opinions on this whole Nino/Nozomi situation. A couple of you actually commented in my post in Arama, lol. I've stalked through pretty much all your journals but I totally don't mind hearing it again. For me, I don't mind her at all. Ngl, it irks me a little to have to share his attention (I wouldn't be a hardcore fan if it didn't, lol), but in the grand scheme of things it doesn't affect me what he does in his personal life. I don't ship them, per say. Not as much as I'm dying to see Ohno/Kuroki Meisa happen, or Karina/Anyone. Anyway, she's super fucking hot, so get it Nino.

(also ps; dying of jealousy @ all of you that got to go to the waku waku gakkou. lucky mother truckers D<)
(also also ps: sucks to be morimoto ryutaro right now. he's the only hsj member i'm familiar with besides ohno's little stalker)
ohno swing

so exams are over.

well, almost. the worst parts are over.

also also more important than boring old school.

The NINOMIYA Exchange
because everyone loves Nino

Posting starts tomorrow! (:

I worked really hard on my fic and I hope my reader likes it. To be honest, I'm more excited to hear what my reader thinks than to get my actual fic. xD I'm super stoked to read my fic too, though. I hope my request wasn't too hard for my writer. Whoever you are, I'm excited to tell you how awesome you are! :)

I have a lot more free time (SUMMER WH0000000000000) so I'll be posting a lot more frequently. And actually catching up with you all. I've missed chuuu flist. ;__;

In conclusion.

I'm starting to believe Ohno's alter ego is a badass gangster who smokes weed and lays bitches daily. I have no problem with this. 8D

yoshitaka yuriko and nino will have flawless babies.

i know there is an age gap and i know that nino does not bang all of his female costars
though evidence tells us otherwise
and i know they look kind of like brother and sister but.

she's so perfectly imperfect and flawless and cute and god please let this happen.

will edit this into coherence later.

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Dear Livejournal,

Please stop fucking up. You're pissing me off.

Yours always,


(optional japanese version just because)

livejournal へ、


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